‘Habitat’ – A new Wildlife Gardening Book

In her new book, Habitat, AB Bishop discusses reasons for creating a habitat garden: it is a relatively easy way for gardeners to support the local and global environment; it benefits our health and wellbeing in so many ways; it is less work than a traditional ‘tidy’ garden; and it increases biodiversity, which is always a good thing.

AB explains that habitat gardens can be any size, style or shape – and even people with courtyard gardens or balconies can create a garden that will support native wildlife. She gives reasons why she believes that although indigenous plants are best, near and far natives and introduced plants have a place – it is not an either-or situation.

Discussing how all aspects of the backyard ecosystem interlink to create effective habitat, the book includes sections on plants (with an extensive plant directory), earthworms, insects, frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals – and the shelter, water and food requirements of each. There is a section on tips and tricks for designing a habitat garden. There is a feature on small space gardens. A section called ‘what else can I do?’ discusses pets, chemicals, citizen science and environmental groups and practical ways to build fauna boxes, a frog pond, and an insect hotel.

The book features 9 case studies, including the wildlife garden of one of our network members, Pam Yarra (shown in the photo above). The book will be launched at Kuranga Native Nursery, York Road, Mt. Evelyn Victoria on Saturday December 1st at 3.30 pm.

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