Our backyard frontier

Photo by Luis Mata

The wild world in our own backyards was profiled this Saturday 6 June 2019, by Megan Backhouse in The Age. Megan explains how wildlife gardeners can help our locally native species to survive. She profiles the work of several Frankston Gardens for Wildlife garden guides, outlining how Gardens for Wildlife Victoria is making biodiversity conservation a backyard movement.

You can read the article here. We thank all our Gardens for Wildlife Victoria participants and everyone else involved in caring for our precious natural world.

6 thoughts on “Our backyard frontier

  1. Great article in Saturday’s Age of continued work by Laura , Irene & Nadine & all those who have got Gardens for Wildlife Status


  2. Yes a great promotion for Gardens for Wildlife. We have been onboard for a number of years through the City of Boroondara’s Gardens for Wildlife scheme that has been run by Andrea Lomdahl. Our project connects with Melbourne Water for funding and support and the City of Boroondara’s Parks Program and several neighbours. We back have a Creek frontage and are adjacent to a park. We are building a small group of friends to strengthen and support those involved and to increase our capacity to work cooperatively to make a difference.


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