Goldie’s garden

Creating a Garden for Wildlife – In the beginning It was illness and a fallen tree that began it all. Initially all I could do was rest, looking out onto a flowering creeper. I’d watch a pair of wattlebirds feed and call out noisily. Occasionally, a spinebill would make an appearance, braving its bossy companions.Continue reading Goldie’s garden

A Wildlife Garden in Melbourne

Dear readers,  We’re sure you’ll enjoy these pictures and tips from Diana, who tends a wildlife garden in the heart of our capital city, Melbourne.  Her advice will be valuable for many wildlife gardens in Victoria. Your council/shire should have more specific information about the ecologies of locally native plants and wildlife where you live. TheyContinue reading A Wildlife Garden in Melbourne

Celebrating our community

In late 2016 we launched Gardens for Wildlife Victoria. Now over 2 years later our participants, who are planning or running gardens for wildlife programs, number almost 200. Within those programs, hundreds more Victorians are gardening for wildlife. This short video of our experiences and reflections highlights the importance of networking, sharing our challenges andContinue reading Celebrating our community

Our backyard frontier

Photo by Luis Mata The wild world in our own backyards was profiled this Saturday 6 June 2019, by Megan Backhouse in The Age. Megan explains how wildlife gardeners can help our locally native species to survive. She profiles the work of several Frankston Gardens for Wildlife garden guides, outlining how Gardens for Wildlife VictoriaContinue reading Our backyard frontier