Gardening for Wildlife in Hepburn Shire

Things are really moving in the Shire of Hepburn. In association with Brian Bainbridge, our first Biodiversity Officer, we are in the early stages of developing a ‘Gardens for Wildlife’ program across the Shire.

As well, we have just published ‘Grow Wild: Gardening to Sustain Wildlife in the Hepburn Shire’. The first publication of its kind to be published in the Shire, it aims to empower people to create habitat by successfully growing indigenous plants in their gardens. Beautifully illustrated throughout, the book provides step by step advice on establishing local plants and creating a safe haven for our local creatures. There is a comprehensive section on the indigenous plants of this region, each with a colour photo.

Although the book is written for people in the Hepburn Shire, you may find the book informative, as many of the plants are indigenous to several regions and the principles of creating habitat are similar wherever you live.

And at a time when we are confined to barracks, what better pastime than habitat gardening?

For a copy of the book contact Jill Teschendorff at